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Mac Repair In London | Solutions for non-working Touchpad

In addition to the keyboard, the touchpad is the second most important Macbook control. With it, we move the arrow or cursor, open files, click on icons, and much more. Of course, if you wish, you can connect a mouse to a laptop, but this is not always convenient. Considering how often we use the trackpad, it is especially unpleasant when it fails, stops working normally, and is buggy. Consider the causes of failure and solutions.

Causes of broken Mac trackpad:

At the very beginning, I note that all Apple trackpads can be divided into mechanical (old MacBook Pro Unibody, MacBook Air) and electronic on new Retina, Touch Bar, M1 models. Separately, Now let’s look at the common failure factors:

1.Physical damage to the touchpad. This type of failure applies to any type of Trackpad, regardless of model. When hit or dropped on the surface of the trackpad, it breaks, cracks and chips appear.

2.Water penetration. Most often, liquid gets on the keyboard and touchpad. Although moisture may not interact with the mechanism itself, it often oxidizes the contacts of the cables and connectors. Cleaning and restoration of MacBook after moisture is required .

3.Wear and tear over time. Yes, this is also the real cause of the breakdown. Over time, trackpad elements lose their resource, especially if you use it actively.

4.Battery swelling . The battery of any MacBook model may expand (swell). In older Apple laptops, this often causes the battery to push against the back of the touchpad, causing it to stop pressing and the arrow to “run across the screen.” In some cases, the panel protrudes from the case.

5.Dirty touchpad mechanism. This problem is also common with older, mechanical Macbook touchpads. Various dust, debris, grease from the fingers fall into the gaps, accumulate on moving parts. The “clicking” disappears, the touchpad sticks, it is poorly pressed.

6.The newer MacBook Pro and Air with M1 chip are experiencing a broken flex cable (keyboard not working) that is connected to the trackpad. As a rule, crumbs or solid debris fall on it, which leads to squeezing of the veins. In this case, the cable 821-02853-A (MFC4120 2002) needs to be replaced.

A trackpad malfunction can be identified by the following common symptoms:

  • Visible cracks and surface damage;
  • Complete failure of the trackpad, no response to touch;
  • Touchpad sticking, hard pressing;
  • Click, drag and drop, text selection does not work;
  • The arrow or cursor spontaneously “runs” around the screen”;
  • Trackpad stopped working after liquid spilled on MacBook.

Repair Trackpad MacBook in UK

If you are an experienced user and have a special tool available, you can try to disassemble the laptop yourself and clean the touchpad. But, I do not recommend doing this, the design is very fragile, you can easily damage cables & connectors. Your best bet is to go to a Macbook trackpad service center. Keep in mind that depending on the model of your laptop and the degree of damage to the component, cleaning, repair or a complete replacement of the part may be performed. Any

work is always preceded by a comprehensive diagnosis.Visit Mac Repairs In London.We’ve bee fixing Macs since 1992, and we’re experts at repairing all sorts of problems with them. From graphics problems to screen replacements, our certified technicians are here for you. Got a problem that needs fixing? Give us a call today at +44 (0)208-427-6809

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